About Us


Damascus House is a peaceful, homelike setting nestled a comfortable distance from Baltimore City, yet still easily accessible to residents of the metropolitan area. We work with male substance abusers to ease their struggle with an intense program to aide them with recovery. Up to 26 men can be residents of Damascus House at a time. The opportunity to live and recover with other men is a unique one that provides a particularly productive environment for rehabilitation. Residents are not only aided by our staff and employees but by their peers, allowing them to depend on each other when the journey gets rough.

Resident fees are kept to an absolute minimum while recovering at the Damascus House. Upon completion of the program, residents are assisted with employment placement and vocational training. The Damascus House is funded through state grants, resident fees and tax-exempt gifts and funds. Any assistance received from the Department of Social Services or other agencies by residents is given full credit.

Certified addiction counselors, a resident house manager and assistant manager, a kitchen manager and an overall director all work together to create a professional and calm recovery atmosphere for residents.